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Covering Wisconsin

About Us

Covering Wisconsin is a non-profit and federally certified, state-licensed navigator agency based out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Covering Wisconsin connects Wisconsin residents with health insurance and other programs that support health. We help anyone in Wisconsin secure health insurance coverage, seek timely care, and navigate the healthcare system with a focus on communities most at risk. We convene statewide trainings, communicate complex policy using plain language, and collaborate with stakeholders to promote health insurance coverage and ensure that all consumers have access to enrollment assistance.

To contact a Navigator:

Call 608-261-1455 or 414-400-9489
Text COVER to 920-507-5295

For other program questions, email

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect Wisconsin residents with health insurance coverage and other programs for health.

  • Provides free health insurance support year-round through federally-licensed expert health insurance navigators.
  • Offers professional presentations and trainings.
  • Has over 45 resources that explain health insurance concepts are available for download.
  • Has promotional materials for statewide use that can be personalized for partners.