The Office of Rural Prosperity recognizes the voices of our Tribal and Indigenous communities. We are holding space on this website as we collaborate with those groups to incorporate their feedback and add targeted resources.

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    More than a decade ago, more women began to realize that they were choosing to become farmers in hopes of enjoying rural life and embracing sustainable agriculture. In late 2009, Lisa Kivirist invited a dozen women to her organic produce farm and bed-and-breakfast in Browntown to share stories, advice and support. The group, Soil Sisters, began to hold regular potluck meetings, welcoming women farmers, rural entrepreneurs and residents in and around Green County, in south central Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin would not be the state it is without our rural communities. Farmland, wilderness, villages and small towns are an essential part of our identity, our quality of life and our economy.

At the same time, we understand that there is no one single ‘rural economy’—every region is unique, with its own traditions, natural resources and mix of industries. Recognizing this complexity, Governor Tony Evers, in his January 2020 State of the State Address, called on WEDC to establish the Office of Rural Prosperity and that same month he signed Executive Order #65 calling for the creation of the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Rural Prosperity.

Whether you’re an individual, a business or a community organization, the Office of Rural Prosperity is here to connect you with the right programs, tools, partners and resources to build on your strengths.