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Sift Consulting LLC

About Us

We provide leadership and innovation to help nonprofit organizations and small businesses build and grow a strong local food system and measure and manage their environmental impact.

Local Food Systems: From building tools that improve school nutrition environments to providing tactical support for farmers’ markets to expanding direct-to-consumer sales channels, we provide the leadership, innovation, and extra set of hands necessary to help your organization navigate the complexity of building an equitable and resilient food system.

Sustainability: You cannot manage what you do not measure. We provide the holistic assessment and research necessary to understand the opportunities for environmental and social impact in your organization or business. Then we strategize together on what actions can be taken in the short and long-term.

Business Strategy: With prior experience serving as general counsel to a wide range of small businesses - including organic farms - and socially-conscious entrepreneurs, we are adept at advising organizations on matters relating to governance, administration, compliance, and business strategy. We particularly love developing organizational policies.

Our Mission

Sift Consulting LLC was founded after seeing a need for nimble, experienced, and thoughtful capacity-building services for nonprofits and small businesses.

During our decades of work in nonprofits and supporting small businesses, we witnessed hard working teams fall short of their goals because they simply did not have the proper tools, skills, budget, and person power to achieve them. We created Sift Consulting to fill these gaps and meet our clients’ unique needs, offering a fresh perspective or new skillset, diverse services from a variety of lived experiences, or just an extra set of capable hands.

Our work is grounded in curiosity, expertise, and diligence.