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Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance

About Us

We began as an organization in 2012 and continue to grow. We believe in strong schools and communities. Our priorities are to provide a unified voice for rural schools at the local, state, and federal levels, celebrate the incredible achievements of rural schools, and curate research, news, events, and resources for rural educators, including our annual WiRSA conference.

Our Mission

Our mission and messaging is dedicated to rural schools. While many other statewide organizations exist, and each serve administrators and schools in unique and important ways, none are focused exclusively on rural schools.

Who We Serve

We presently serve nearly 170 rural school districts around the state and continue to grow. We also work closely with ten universities, technical colleges and 10 of the 12 CESA's to provide resources for our members.

  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Rural Education Lobbyist (Board working to increase our lobbying efforts)
  • State and Federal Legislative Updates (NREAC)
  • Voice for Rural Schools, Students, Administrators and Boards
  • Scholarship Program for high school students and student teachers
  • Annual Rural Award Program
  • Annual Rural Schools Conference
  • Rural Education Presentations
  • Rural Research and data collection
  • Be a rural resource to help our rural schools and communities
  • Rural Outreach and Rural Education Presentations