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​Homeless Case Management Services Grants Program​

The 2017-2019 Wisconsin State Budget (2017 Wisconsin Act 59) created the Homeless Case Management Services Grant Program. Under the program, grantees will provide intensive case management services to homeless families. The services would focus on providing financial management, employment, ensure school continuation for children, and enrolling unemployed or underemployed parents in W-2 or the foodshare employment and training program. Funding should be used for social workers and associated case management services. See the HCMS website:


Eligible applicants for funds include: existing Homeless Management Information System or State Shelter Subsidy Grant-participating homeless shelters.

Top Benefits

  • Under the bill, the following services are eligible for funding: Financial management services, Employment services, including connecting parents who are job training graduates or who have a recent work history with their local workforce development board and assisting them with using the job center website maintained by the Department of Workforce Development, Services intended to ensure the continuation of school enrollment for children, and Services to enroll unemployed or underemployed parents in a food stamp employment and training program or in the Wisconsin Works program.

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