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Whether you’re an individual, a business or a community organization, you can use the directory below to search a vast library of resources, tools and services. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), its economic development partners and other organizations around the state offer a range of resources on all aspects of economic well-being, from childcare and education to businesses and housing. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to us directly, we want to help.

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  • Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority
  • Business, Economic Development, Workforce

    Emerging Business and Workforce Development Program

    Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority

    The Emerging Business Program was created to encourage the involvement, utilization, and development of economically disadvantaged businesses in the State of Wisconsin. The Workforce Development Program was created to enable unemployed and underemployed area-specific residents to obtain living wage construction jobs.

  • Housing, Workforce

    Rural Affordable Workforce Housing Initiative

    Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority

    Establishes an adaptive framework to identify needs, evaluate choices and implement solutions in an effort to address the shortage of affordable workforce housing in rural Wisconsin.

  • Housing

    Six Steps to a WHEDA Loan

    Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority

    Provides guidance to obtaining a mortgage loan and becoming a homeowner.