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WI Soil and Water Resource Management (SWRM) Grant Program

DATCP assists the county land conservation committees by distributing funds through the Wisconsin’s Soil and Water Resource Management (SWRM) program. These grant funds are used to help fund county soil and water conservation staff and support expenditures, as well as landowner conservation projects. These funds also can be used to support cooperators and OPC contracts to carry out special statewide activities.

Allocation is divided into four categories:

General: The department distributes soil and water resource management grants to county
land conservation committees and OPCs.

Staffing Award: staffing and support funds to counties to reimburse for the work of staff and independent contracts who perform soil and water management activities, including county soil and water conservation priorities.

Cost-Share Award: funds available to counties to enter into cost-share contracts with landowners to install eligible conservation practices.

Project Awards: grants to any cooperator for services and activities including information, education, and training.


Grant funds are allocated annually based on grant applications. The Department expects to issue a preliminary allocation plan to every county land conservation committee in the summer of each year for the subsequent calendar year.

Eligible applicants include counties and OPC project cooperators.

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