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Wisconsin’s Weatherization Assistance Program

The Division of Energy Housing and Community Resources contracts with various agencies throughout the state to provide weatherization services to eligible households. Agencies include community action agencies, housing authorities, local governments and other non-profit organizations. The weatherization agency for your area will receive a list of eligible applicants from WHEAP and will determine service priority and the eligibility for your home. The goal of the weatherization program is to save energy by targeting households with an excessive energy burden and that are made up of elderly, handicapped and/or children under 6 years of age. Local weatherization agencies will contact the highest priority households to evaluate the home and decide what weatherization services are needed. Appropriate weatherization services will be completed by agency crews and subcontractors. Please see the Weatherization Assistance Program webpage:


You may be eligible for weatherization services if: You received benefits from Wisconsin’s Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) or your gross income for the last month is equal to or less than 60% of Wisconsin's state median income (SMI) for your family size. Your dwelling/apartment has not been weatherized before. Your household meets certain priorities that may include a high energy burden or use, an elderly or disabled member or a child under six.

Top Benefits

  • If you are eligible for weatherization services based on your WHEAP application, your application information will be referred to the local weatherization agency. Households selected for potential weatherization services will be contacted by the weatherization agency. The agency will then make arrangements to have an energy auditor will look at your home to see what can be done to make it more energy efficient.
  • Weatherization services differ with each home depending on how it was built and its condition. Some common weatherization services include: Insulate attics, walls and floors Insulate or replace water heater Install energy efficient lighting Reduce air leakage Repair or replace furnace Test and/or replace refrigerator Perform a general health and safety inspection Provide information about maintenance and energy conservation

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