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Arts Wisconsin

About Us

Arts Wisconsin activates Wisconsin’s creativity for the benefit of everyone, everywhere in the state. We provide advocacy, service, and development for people, organizations, businesses, and communities in every corner of the state. We provide consulting services, technical assistance, conferences and gatherings, workshops, research, and other services to strengthen and grow Wisconsin's creative assets.

Our Mission

Strengthen and expand Wisconsin's creative environment through policies and programs that:

-Advance local, regional, and statewide creative economies

-Advocate for and support creative people and places

-Champion the arts, culture, and creativity as foundational to community engagement and access

-Engage policy-makers and the public by sharing information, generating ideas, and taking action to improve quality of life, drive equity and inclusion, and engage and connect everyone, everywhere in the state.

Who We Serve

- arts, business, civic, government, political, and education elected officials and community leaders
- Wisconsin's creative workers and businesses
- Audiences interested in the arts and creativity throughout the state

Everyone who cares about Wisconsin's future!

  • creative economic, workforce, and civic development and technical assistance to help communities grow and thrive
  • strategic planning, advising, and consulting with arts and creative projects, programs, facilities, and communities
  • programs to promote the arts, culture, and creativity throughout Wisconsin
  • presentations on the benefits and impact of Wisconsin's creative economy and industries
  • research on the power of the arts and creativity in Wisconsin