Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL)

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL)


BIL is a $550 billion dollar package with funds available through fiscal year 2024. BIL is a once-in-a-lifetime funding opportunity that supports general infrastructure (e.g., bridges, roads, and railroads) and workforce development. The law also contributes dollars to other important aspects of life such as expanding access to broadband, removal of lead pipes, public safety, clean energy, and a healthy environment. See fact sheet for more information on Wisconsin-specific opportunities.

The BIL includes special provision for rural communities, and many programs have portions of grant funding reserved for rural communities. Ensuring rural Wisconsin has access to BIL funding is a high priority of WEDC and the Office of Rural Prosperity (ORP). Read about this once-in-a-generation investment in infrastructure and competitiveness.

ORP convenes an interagency task force to identify opportunities and pilot initiatives that build capacity for rural communities to access BIL funding. The task force has created a grant writing pilot in partnership with NWRPC and UW-Stevens Point to hire graduate students to provide grant writing assistance. The task force has also created a directory of professional consultants who can assist with grant writing and infrastructure projects and a spreadsheet that tracks open BIL funding opportunities.

Wisconsin BIL Task Force Members


Representatives from USDA Rural Development and discuss how to prepare and access systems required to apply for federal grants.

Representatives from USDA Rural Development and Energy Communities IWG share tips and guidance on grant applications and how to understand grant management.

Sector specific BIL information

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