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10,000 Communities Initiative

In partnership with other private and public organizations, the Milken Institute is launching the 10,000 Communities Initiative to ensure that cross-sectoral attention, federal technical assistance funding, and impact capital are effectively deployed to the underserved communities that need it most. The 10,000 Communities Initiative aims to accelerate and advance critical community infrastructure projects by maximizing innovation and integration across regions, sectors, and sources of investment capital.

Our expanding Community Infrastructure Center (CIC) platform will help interested communities access the expertise, training, capital, and partnerships required to advance their community infrastructure projects. The CIC platform will also connect underserved community projects to capital and capacity from a wide range of sources—from impact and institutional investors to state grants to philanthropy to project development firms—because long-term local success depends on both catalytic new federal funding and locally-led innovation.


Cities, counties, states, non-profit organizations, community utilities, & project developers
can submit their local community projects into the platform to allow them to quickly find training materials, tools, partners, investors, and communities who are working on the same sort of projects and challenges.

Top Benefits

  • Includes online platform where you can upload projects to be connected to training materials, tools, partners, investors, and communities
  • Encourages local and regional training events
  • Previous events include grant application “bootcamps” to help win federal dollars for proposed infrastructure projects

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