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Advanced Biofuel Payment Program

This program’s goal is to increase the production of advanced biofuels.

Available funding includes:
Quarterly payments are made for the actual quantity of eligible advanced biofuel produced during the quarter.
Annual incremental payment for producers who increase production over the previous fiscal year (excludes forest biomass advanced biofuel production).


Eligible applicants are any entities that produce and sell advanced biofuel. An advanced biofuel producer can be an individual, corporation, company, foundation, association, labor organization, firm, partnership, society, joint-stock company, governmental entities, schools and other types of educational facilities, group of organizations, or a nonprofit entity that produces and sells an advanced biofuel.

Eligible advanced biofuels:
Must meet the definition of an advanced biofuel in 7 CFR Part 4288.102.
Are a liquid, gas, or solid.
Must be derived from renewable biomass, other than corn kernel starch.
Must be a final product.
Are produced in the United States.
Are ones where the buyers and sellers act independently and have no relationship to each other.

Top Benefits

  • There is no minimum or maximum payment
  • Producers will be paid on a quarterly basis for the actual quantity of eligible advanced biofuel produced during the quarter

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