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Economic Development

Brownfields Grant Program

Brownfields funds may be used for brownfield redevelopment or associated environmental remediation activities. Grant funds may typically be used for the following activities: The environmental investigation, remediation and/or monitoring of the site; The removal of hazardous waste containers; Soil removal, capping, barrier installation and vapor intrusion systems; Demolition activities that will facilitate redevelopment in a brownfield project


Any individual, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, nonprofit organization, city, village, town, county, or trustee, including a trustee in bankruptcy, 4 may apply for funds provided that the party that caused the environmental contamination and any person who possessed or controlled the environmental contaminant is unknown, cannot be located or is financially unable to pay for the remediation of the soil and / or groundwater. Additionally, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Reports must have been completed no more than five years prior to the application submittal date.

Top Benefits

  • Supports community redevelopment
  • Provides financial assistance to redevelop commercial and industrial sites impacted by environmental contamination
  • Provides financial support for environmental investigation, remediation and/or monitoring of the site

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