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Creation and Presentation Grant Program

​​​​​​Creation and Presentation Program (CPP) grants provide artistic program and operational support to established nonprofit arts organizations whose primary mission is to create or present ongoing arts programming that makes a significant local, regional, or statewide impact on the cultural life of Wisconsin, and that furthers the Arts Board’s community development and arts education goals.


Applicants must have a record of consistent artistic activities for at least the three consecutive years prior to application; have as a primary purpose the creation/production or presentation of artistic programming (performances, exhibits, events) that benefits the general interested public; demonstrate community participation in the program planning; match each dollar of Arts Board support with at least one dollar of public (non-state) or private funds; be incorporated in and conduct business in Wisconsin in order to apply for support (Organizations are required to provide proof of incorporation and activity in Wisconsin before applications are reviewed or funds awarded.

Top Benefits

  • Increase local, regional, and statewide leadership among arts organizations in Wisconsin
  • To encourage arts organizations to work to enhance arts education efforts in their community
  • To promote and sustain organizational and financial stability

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