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Entrepreneurship Partner Grant

The Entrepreneurship Partner Grant Program provides grants to eligible nonprofits so they can, in turn, provide funding support and technical assistance to startups and entrepreneurs throughout the state, so aspiring business owners can connect with the resources they need to launch new companies. The program has grants available for new or pilot projects and for established projects with demonstrated results. The program will have multiple competitive cycles throughout the year.

The EPG program is intended to increase opportunities for entrepreneurship across the state of Wisconsin. Utilizing community building, capacity building, business financing, technical assistance, and other similar support, the program will strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Those served by the funded programs may be provided with a wide range of support including, but not limited to, financing, experienced hands-on mentorship, educational programming, visibility to investors, community building, leadership training, entrepreneurship and networking events, idea validation, and business development strategies.


Entities eligible for Entrepreneurship Partner Grant funds include communities, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and other entities that operate a nonprofit entrepreneurship assistance program in Wisconsin.

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