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Freight Railroad Infrastructure Improvement Program

FRIIP loans may fund eligible projects which accomplish any of the following: rehabilitates a segment of rail line, improves transportation efficiency, promotes safety, promotes the viability of the statewide system of freight rail service, assists intermodal freight movement, or provides industry access to the national railroad system. Funded projects have included industry spur tracks, sidings, grain bins and conveyances, and other trackside storage facilities. Borrowers have included railroads, grain elevators and agricultural cooperatives, manufacturers, log harvesters and shippers, and rail transit commissions. Loan terms are 10-year repayment at 2% annual interest. There is no penalty for early repayment.


An applicant must be a county, municipality, town or agency thereof, a railroad, a current or potential user of freight railroad service or a transit commission.

Top Benefits

  • Finance railroad improvements and industry railroad connections at low cost
  • Help reduce transportation costs for Wisconsin manufacturers, agriculture producers, and forest resource industries
  • Improve the economic stability of Wisconsin’s rural branch railroad lines through capital improvement and growth of rail shipping volumes.

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