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General Transportation Aids

The GTA program is one of the largest state-funded programs in WisDOT's budget. Under this program, 1,923 local governments (counties, cities, villages, and towns) receive quarterly payments based on certified road mileage and eligible local expenditures. Eligible expenditures generally include the local share of all road and street construction and maintenance costs within roadway rights of way. Expenditures on county forest roads are aided under another, separate program.


Eligible applicants include all Wisconsin counties, cities, villages, and towns.

Eligible projects include highway-related expenditures such as road construction, road maintenance, snow plowing, shoulder grading, pavement marking, and curb and gutter repairs.

Top Benefits

  • Local governments can receive increases from their previous year's payments up to 15%
  • Municipalities can receive up to 85% of their three-year costs average
  • Towns in the bottom quartile of equalized value of towns can receive up to 98% of their three-year costs average

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