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Job Services for Veterans

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development is honored to deliver services that help veterans achieve their employment goals and is committed to providing local business with highly skilled, job-ready veteran employees.

Wisconsin employers seek military experience to build an innovative, resourceful and reliable workforce. Veterans leave the military with highly desired, transferable skills, and nearly all military jobs have an equivalent civilian job. The Department of Workforce Development can help you recruit qualified veterans to fill your job vacancies.

Wisconsin is a great place for veterans to find a job or start a new career. Our employers understand the value that veterans bring to the workforce, and many businesses across the state are actively recruiting veteran applicants for their work ethic and skills. Register now on and let the Department of Workforce Development help you achieve your employment and training goals.

For more information about job services for both veterans and employers, please visit

Top Benefits

  • Use Job Center of Wisconsin to instantly connect with job-ready veterans and their families.
  • Search for jobs and check out our career-development resources.
  • Wisconsin proudly leads the nation in providing education, training, and other benefits to veterans and their family members.
  • Help your business address the skills gap with this proven workforce readiness solution.
  • Hands-on career training, education, and a paycheck plus your GI Bill benefits.

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