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Business leaders have always understood the importance of a strong workforce and its impact on a thriving economy, local businesses, and communities. But workforce challenges are an issue that businesses and communities consistently face. Now, with a grant from Project Growth — you don't have to do it alone. When businesses connect and partner with early childhood programs, everyone benefits.

Project Growth helps Wisconsin businesses, communities, and Early Care and Education partners add services, find solutions, and innovate. The best part is — we give you money for doing it. Both partners get concrete benefits for their businesses and employees through our unique grants while ensuring a stable, high-quality workforce in Wisconsin. Grants include the Partner Up! Grant Program and the Dream Up! Child Care Supply-Building Grant Program.

Top Benefits

  • For Businesses: Stay competitive in a tight labor market by offering attractive benefits
  • For Businesses: Increase employee productivity
  • For Businesses: Strengthen the local community and economy and feel good knowing your employees get a great benefit that strengthens their families and your business
  • For Early Childhood Programs: Afford quality workers, training, materials, and facilities
  • For Early Childhood Programs: Retain quality staff through offering higher pay
  • For Early Childhood Programs: Stabilize enrollment numbers by having reserved business-subsidized spots
  • For Early Childhood Programs: Make long-term connections with businesses and organizations that can help improve the quality and scope of your care

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