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The Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Program (EJCPS) Cooperative Agreement Program

EPA’s EJCPS Cooperative Agreement Program provides financial assistance to eligible organizations working on or planning to work on projects to address local environmental and/or public health issues in their communities. The EJCPS Program will provide an estimated $30 million in funding directly to community-based nonprofit organizations (and partnerships of these organizations), with $5 million reserved for small community-based nonprofit organizations with five or fewer full-time employees. In total, the Agency anticipates funding approximately 50 awards of $500,000 and 30 awards of $150,000.

The program assists in building collaborative partnerships with other stakeholders (e.g., local businesses and industry, local government, medical service providers, academia, etc.) to develop solutions that will significantly address environmental and/or public health issues at the local level.


Eligible entities include:
a community-based nonprofit organization (CBO); or
a partnership of community-based nonprofit organizations *

* A partnership must be documented with a signed Letter of Commitment from the community-based nonprofit organization detailing the parameters of the partnership, as well as the role and responsibilities of the partnering community-based organizations.

Top Benefits

  • Approximately 50 awards of $500,000 available
  • Approximately 33 awards of $150,000 available for small community-based organizations (less than 5 full-time employees)
  • Special attention given to projects addressing climate change, disaster resiliency, and/or emergency preparedness
  • Special attention given to projects located in and/or benefitting rural areas

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