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Well Compensation Grant Program

The well compensation grant program provides funding to eligible landowners or renters to replace, reconstruct or treat contaminated private water supplies that serve a residence or provide water to livestock. To be eligible, family income may not exceed $65,000 for the prior calendar year. In addition, the amount of the grant is reduced by $0.30 for each $1.00 of the applicants annual family income over $45,000.


Applicants must meet family income requirements. Who can apply for a grant includes:
* Landowner
* Spouse of Landowner
* Dependent of Landowner
* Heir of Landowner
* Assignee or legal representative of Landowner
* Renter of Land
* Shared well owner of a private residential water supply

Top Benefits

  • Costs for Water test that determine if the well is contaminated.
  • Reconstruction of a contaminated well
  • Construction of a new well
  • Connecting to an existing private or public water supply
  • Installation of a new pump, including the associated piping for a replaced well
  • Proper abandonment of a contaminated well
  • Equipment for water treatment (if no other option is feasible)
  • Providing a temporary bottled or trucked water supply

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