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Wisconsin Women in Conservation (WiWiC)

Women landowners are a growing demographic. The 2017 Census recorded 38,509 female producers in Wisconsin, showing that women make up 35 percent of all producers in the state. But women have been and still are underserved by NRCS and other federal and state conservation funding and support agencies. Women conservationists are also underrepresented in media and historical content. ​ WiWiC aims to change all that. ​ WiWiC is here to connect women, empower women, educate women, and inspire women-- for the sake of the land but also because of the great satisfaction and healing we experience through stewardship. We are here to nurture our land and ourselves.


Various free educational programs, field days and workshops for women landowners in Wisconsin to enhance conservation and land stewardship.

Top Benefits

  • Connections to conservation experts & resources
  • Networking with other women landowners
  • Potential NRCS program funding

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