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WisDOT’s Environmental Programs

WisDOT's Environmental Programs page includes a description of its environmental programs, links to its environmental areas, forms and tools, and resources and references.

Its environmental areas include agriculture, air, community and residential, cultural resources, endangered species, environmental justice, erosion control and drainage, habitat and wildlife, hazardous materials, indirect and cumulative impacts, public involvement, sections 4(f) and 6(f), sound quality, stormwater management, westlands and waters, and visual impacts.

Forms and tools include environmental document templates, a DNR project coordination request template, a delegated DNR design concurrence template, a risk based environmental scoping template (RBEST), a Native American lands of interest scoping determination, factor sheets, emergency project environmental guidance, environmental document re-evaluations, environmental document attachments, programmatic and cooperative agreements, environmental documentation forms and tools, FHWA 4f findings, and public involvement forms and templates.

Resources and references include non-standard materials environmental and screening waste characterizations, FDM manual research and library and public involvement, and FHWA guidebook and website.

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