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Clean Sweep

The Clean Sweep Program provides grants to municipalities, counties, tribes, and regional planning commissions to help them create and operate local programs for the collection and disposal of agricultural pesticides, farm chemical waste, household hazardous waste, and unwanted prescription drugs. The goal of the Clean Sweep Program is to reduce the health and environmental risks posed by these materials. Administering the Clean Sweep Program requires numerous processes, including a grant application announcement, receipt of grant applications, application scoring and ranking, grant awards, contracts, purchase requisitions/purchase orders, final reports, reimbursements, program reports, and data analysis.


Grants may be awarded to counties, towns, villages, cities, tribes, sanitary and sewerage districts, or regional planning commissions. Grants can support collecti​on and disposal of household hazardous waste, agricultural pesticides and unwanted prescription drugs. Prescription drug grants can also be used to buy drop boxes.

Top Benefits

  • Provides funding to local governments and protects the environment by properly collecting and disposing of these products

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