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Economic Development, Native Peoples

Economic Development Administration Program

GLITC’s EDA program assists tribes in planning and implementing economic development strategies derived from their own comprehensive development planning. EDA’s main goals are to encourage the tribes to engage in comprehensive economic development planning and to identify community priorities through that process . GLITC’s EDA program is also charged with developing and updating the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (“CEDS”) for GLITC’s member tribes. For those tribes that have their own CEDS, the program can be an advocate and offer assistance in the development of public facility projects. EDA is widely known for assisting in public works projects that are needed for specified business development. EDA provides funds for public works projects that aid or enhance private economic development.


Member tribes are eligible.

Top Benefits

  • Assisting tribes in developing their strategic plans and identifying projects in accordance with tribal priorities
  • Assisting in the implementation of the strategic direction and action of the CEDS
  • Coordinating federal, state and local resources and funds to optimize the implementation of the CEDS action plan
  • Identifying opportunities for multi-agency involvement as it relates to implementation of the CEDS and tribal priorities
  • Conducting support and other economic development activities such as grant writing, research, planning, and advisory functions as it relates to implementation of identified development priorities and the CEDS

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