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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program is designed to assist states, local governments, and Tribes in implementing strategies to reduce energy use, to reduce fossil fuel emissions, and to improve energy efficiency.


ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS include states, territories, local governments, and Tribes

(1) development and implementation of an energy efficiency and conservation strategy
(2) retaining technical consultant services to assist the eligible entity in the development of such a strategy
(3) conducting residential and commercial building energy audits
(4) establishment of financial incentive programs for energy efficiency improvements
(5) the provision of grants to nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies for the purpose of performing energy efficiency retrofits
(6) development and implementation of energy efficiency and conservation programs for buildings and facilities within the jurisdiction of the eligible entity
(7) development and implementation of programs to conserve energy used in transportation
(8) development and implementation of building codes and inspection services to promote building energy efficiency
(9) application and implementation of energy distribution technologies that significantly increase energy efficiency
(10) activities to increase participation and efficiency rates for material conservation programs, including source reduction, recycling, and recycled content procurement programs that lead to increases in energy efficiency
(11) the purchase and implementation of technologies to reduce, capture, and, to the maximum extent practicable, use methane and other greenhouse gases generated by landfills or similar sources
(12) replacement of traffic signals and street lighting with energy efficient lighting technologies
(13) development, implementation, and installation on or in any government building of the eligible entity of onsite renewable energy technology that generates electricity from renewable resources
(14) programs for financing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and zero-emission transportation (and associated infrastructure), capital investments, projects, and programs
(15) any other appropriate activity, as determined by the Secretary

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