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If you’re worried about your environmental compliance, Enviro-Check can help get you back on track by assessing your environmental practices and managing your risks with limited liability. This voluntary self-assessment program can help you verify your compliance so that you can reduce risks, costs and environmental impacts, and provide confidence for lenders, buyers and customers.

Enviro-Check is for organizations who are making a good faith effort to investigate and correct violations. This translates into a safer, healthier environment as well as more efficient and profitable businesses.


Public or private facilities that have not had Department of Justice environmental enforcement suits within the past two years, are typically eligible to participate in Enviro-Check. DNR determines eligibility based on recent environmental performance history. Once a facility has contacted the department about using Enviro-Check, it is up to the facility whether they want the department to verify eligibility before the audit starts (recommended) or after the audit is complete.

Top Benefits

  • Reduced risks, costs and environmental impacts
  • Limited liability with no or low fines
  • Confidence for lenders, buyers, supply chain, customers or certification bodies
  • Confidence for lenders, buyers, supply chain, customers or certification bodies

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