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Green Tier

Green Tier is the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) program for business and community leaders who want to be strategic and intentional about improving their environmental performance. Complementing the department’s regulatory programs, Green Tier supports organizations that don’t stop when they attain regulatory compliance and instead strive to do more. Green Tier is a voluntary program based in Wisconsin statutes, making it a unique model in the U.S. The program focuses on contracts and partnerships that help businesses and governments realize their sustainability goals.

Choosing to use an environmental management system (EMS), Green Tier participants drive their business objectives while improving their environmental performance. The Green Tier program provides credible recognition of each organization’s efforts by relying on third-party assessments or audits. The audits ensure that participants continue striving for superior environmental performance and continual improvement. In addition to their environmental prowess, many participants find they can improve business profitability by improving efficiencies and identifying new opportunities to reduce risks through the responsible management of environmental impacts.

To learn more about Green Tier, visit the program’s webpage:


Large and small businesses, trade groups, not-for-profits or government organizations that use environmentally responsible practices in everyday activities can apply to become a Green Tier participant by using the Apply button.

Top Benefits

  • Benefit your business, environment and community
  • Recognition for superior environmental performance
  • Deferred civil enforcement
  • Single point of contact at DNR
  • Improved agency relations
  • Use of the Green Tier logo
  • Potential for permit streamlining, modified monitoring requirements, alternative compliance methods, and more

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