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Knowles-Nelson Stewardship – Local Government Assistance Grant Program

Local units of government (LUGs) are eligible applicants for four Stewardship grant programs; Urban Green Space, Urban Rivers, Acquisition of Development Rights, and Acquisition and Developments of Local Parks (ADLP). Nonprofit conservation organizations (NCOs) are eligible to apply to the Stewardship Local Assistance Grant Program for land acquisition projects. Applications must be received or postmarked by 11:59 pm on May 1 to be considered. Per s. 990.001(4)(c), Wis. Stats., if any grant application deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or State Holiday, the deadline is moved to the next State working day.

Common projects funded through these grant programs include:
• Land acquisition for parks & trails, including waterfront property.
• Construction of hiking trails and bike paths
• Construction of canoe/kayak launches, including those that provide universal accessibility
• Construction of waterfront park amenities
• Construction of park shelters and restroom facilities


A key consideration in eligibility for Stewardship Local Assistance and LWCF grants is whether or not an applicant has an adopted and current local Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP) or if the project is identified in the CORP approved by a unit of government other than the applicant. Applicants that do not have a current CORP (completed and adopted in the last 5 years) should contact their Regional Project Manager for information and assistance.

Top Benefits

  • Up to 50% cost-share on local construction project supporting nature-based outdoor recreation
  • Up to 50% cost-share on land acquisitions supporting nature-based outdoor recreation

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