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Safe Drinking Water Loan Program

The Safe Drinking Water Loan Program provides subsidized loans (reduced-interest rate loans) to municipalities for publicly-owned drinking water infrastructure projects that are needed to achieve or maintain compliance with federal and state regulations, such as the Safe Drinking Water Act. The program funds are for reasonable and necessary costs directly related to the planning, design, and construction of eligible projects. Funds may be used to construct, improve, modify, purchase, replace, restore, and upgrade drinking water systems and infrastructure; such as sourcing, treatment, storage and distribution. Common projects include new wells, wellhouse rehabilitation, storage facilities and watermain replacements.


Eligible applicants and funding recipients, also referred to as municipalities or local governments, include, but are not limited to: Wisconsin cities, towns, villages, counties and sanitary districts.

Top Benefits

  • Program subsidy buys down the market rate on loans (reduced-interest rate loans).
  • Some municipalities may be eligible for further subsidy to reduce their loan size (principal forgiveness).
  • Fixed interest rates on long-term loans.
  • Coordination of funds with other funding sources.
  • Online system for submitting Intents to Apply and Financial Assistance Applications.
  • Dedicated DNR loan project manager and construction management engineer.

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