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Ready, Set, Go! (RSG) Grant

The purpose of the fund is to assist destinations as they bid for national or Midwest regional competitive sporting events that generate hotel overnights and a significant economic impact for the area where they’ll be held. Examples include, but are not limited to, NCAA AAU tournaments, baseball/ softball tournaments, rodeos, sailing, drum and bugle corps competitions, hockey, basketball, triathlons, marathons, snowmobiling and skiing. Sports camps are not considered a competitive event. Reviewed: 3 times/year (April, September, January) Applications are due by 11:59 PM on the first day of the review month. Max Award: up to $30,000 per fiscal year per DMO (may be for multiple applications) Guidelines: The fund has $110,000 per year available for matching grants. Applicant must be the recognized DMO in the area. Generates visitor spending by securing or creating competitive sporting events with a structure that draws both a spectator/athlete base for the event and an economic impact for the area. Destinations may request 50% of the bid/commitment fee or 50% of the event site costs (hard costs for the preparation of the site for the event). Applicant DMO must match the granted dollar amount. If event is secured, application must be received 180 days prior to event. If event is not secured, application must be received 90 days prior to event. Organizations receiving funding from the Ready, Set, Go! fund may not also request funding from the Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) grant fund for the same event, during the same fiscal year. Organizations or events funded through statutorily required expenditures (earmarks) are not eligible for funding. This grant does NOT fund in-state events that are regularly scheduled or which routinely rotate to destinations within the state. Events that have been previously hosted in Wisconsin will be considered for grant funding based on the competitive nature of the bid, as well as prior event evaluation and documented economic impact. Grant funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages or other items deemed inappropriate for the use of state funds. To be funded, the application must be received at least 90 days before the event. 70% of the award amount will be paid to the applicant directly from the Department of Tourism following receipt of a signed contract, and when the Department receives documentation that the event has been awarded to the destination. The remaining 30% will be paid to the applicant upon submission of an approved post-event evaluation no later than 90 days after the event has concluded. If event for which the grant is approved fails to materialize, a full reimbursement of paid-out grant funds must be made within 30 days of officially canceling the event.


Applicants must be the recognized Destination Marketing Organzation (DMO) for that area

Top Benefits

  • Helps bring new events to State of Wisconsin
  • Assists with costs associated with these events for the DMOs

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